Testogen: endurance, strength and energy (bodybuilding and sexuality)

Nowadays, there is a wide choice of food supplements. Some are made from natural ingredients, while others have predominantly synthetic components.

Although some people seem to believe that these products are harmful to health, no study has been able to prove this, especially when they are used in a reasonable way. In addition, the latter are consumed only for the purpose of supplementing an already balanced diet, which consists of providing for the lack of a particular nutrient, or even of a hormone necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

For example, the dietary supplement Testogen, which is a mixture of different natural ingredients, promises very good results that manifest themselves after only a few weeks. However, consumption of this product can only guarantee good results if a healthy and balanced lifestyle is adopted in parallel.


✅ ​​At what level does it act ?

With age, but also under the influence of other environmental factors, the level of testosterone produced naturally in humans can drop considerably, which can have several consequences, including: rapid weight gain, constant moodiness , undue fatigue, decreased muscle mass, decreased libido, as well as several other negative health effects.

Testogen, as its name suggests, acts at the sites of testosterone production, namely the testes in humans, with the aim of increasing its bioavailability in the blood so that it can be distributed to the various organs who use it.

Furthermore, recent studies have confirmed that it is no coincidence that people with low testosterone are more likely to develop depression. In addition, unlike these deficit cases, people who produce large amounts of testosterone are often the most active and successful in their lives. Indeed, the impact of this hormone on personality and character has been proven and it plays a more than decisive role in human life.

When the body does not produce enough, this initially results in loss of motivation, physical, mental and sexual fatigue, as well as increased susceptibility, increasing the risk of developing depression.

Testogen therefore acts on 4 important points:

    - Strengthened muscle mass
    - Motivation and stimulation of libido
    - Sharp performance, both physical and mental
    - Lean body fat, especially around the waist

 ​What is testosterone ?

Testosterone is a hormonal substance that is produced by the human body, mainly in the testicles in humans. It drops with age as shown in the graph below.


It is a masculinizing hormone, the rate of which increases sharply during growth, especially before puberty, thus enabling a man's body to develop, his voice to change and the appearance of hair growth. However, in addition to having a crucial role in the occurrence of secondary sexual characteristics in men, it also occupies an important place in concentration.

Indeed, a body that produces large amounts of testosterone is one that can face many obstacles and is not afraid of competition.

In addition, this hormone is an excellent fat burner. In other words, excess weight is eliminated more quickly in a body full of testosterone, which explains why some people are naturally lean despite what they swallow.

Elevated testosterone is also a great way to combat the lack, if not the complete lack, of competitiveness, which is felt even in the most basic situations. So who says testosterone also says motivation and good humor.

In addition to guaranteeing long-term energy, this hormone also improves a man's sexual performance, as well as his fertility. Obviously, it is not this additional asset that is sure to be talked about.

Finally, you should also know that men are not the only ones to produce testosterone. Women also manufacture it, in smaller quantities, especially in their adrenal glands.

​​​What are the components of this food supplement ?

This food supplement is a mixture which contains only natural ingredients. You will therefore understand that the absence of synthetic ingredients eliminates any risk of having harmful health consequences.

These ingredients are 11 in number and have been chosen for their benefits on the body, in addition to their stimulating effect on the production of testosterone. So this is:
- magnesium,
- vitamin D,
- nettles,
- vitamin K1,
- zinc (essential component of prostatic secretions, having an important role in the quality of sperm),
- vitamin B6,
- red ginseng,
- aspartic acid,
- as well as fenugreek extract.

These all promote, in one way or another, the production of testosterone in the body by the testes and adrenal glands.

As for the presentation of the product, it exists in the form of a bottle which contains exactly 120 capsules. Thus, at the rate of consumption of 4 capsules per day on average, this bottle would therefore suffice for a period of one month of treatment.


✅ ​​​How to take Testogen ?

As mentioned above, this dietary supplement exists in the form of capsules to be taken orally. Whether it is a rest day or a training day, this product should be taken daily and in the same amount. So do not think about doubling the dose to lose weight quickly or to gain muscle mass because, as with any other product, an excess could promote the occurrence of many side effects.

The taking of this food supplement must therefore be done in the morning, on an empty stomach and before breakfast. The taking of the 4 capsules will therefore be done in one go. Note that this treatment must be taken for a minimum of two months. However, once the first two months of treatment are completed, a 10-day break may be considered.

Of course, although this break is not compulsory, it is still strongly recommended, due to the various changes that the body will undergo during treatment.

That said, stopping taking the dietary supplement capsules for a while does not mean that you should also stop training and change your lifestyle - far from it. The main objective of this break is to give the body enough time to recover and adapt to the different changes, consuming it without taking a break may cause effects that can slow down the metabolism, thereby reducing the testosterone production rate.

​​What are the advantages and positive points of this product ?

The first advantage that immediately comes to mind for this product is that it is 100% natural. In other words, the body is not likely to contain foreign substances and there will be no significant risk of having an allergy. The second point being the fairly rapid appearance of the results, it is just as important to cite, in particular among the great sportsmen or in case of associated disease, required rapid weight loss, for example.

Indeed, it is possible to see a considerable increase in muscle mass and endurance, which allows you to afford longer and more intense workouts. In addition, form is also essential, and this, upon awakening.

With Testogen, you will regain your libido. Indeed, Testogen will increase the size of your blood vessels, including in the penis. This will therefore cause stronger and longer erections.

Finally, it is necessary to know that this food supplement is not, in any case, a quick fix. In the absence of a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and regular physical activity, the long-awaited results may be extremely slow to appear, or may never be seen.


✅ ​​​​Does this product have any side effects ?

As a general rule, this dietary supplement will not cause any undesirable effects for the human body if it is taken in the correct doses, due to the 100% natural ingredients of which it is composed. However, the presence of one or more chronic diseases can favor the occurrence of these side effects, especially when it is a kidney disease that affects the filtration function of the blood by the kidneys, which results in an accumulation of toxic metabolic wastes in the body.

Consulting a doctor seems to be the only way to find out if it is possible to take these products or not if they are associated with another disease.

✅ ​​​​​Who can take this supplement ?

Because of its natural side, anyone who has reached maturity can safely consume this food supplement. However, taking it is not recommended in people with serious or chronic illnesses, unless they have obtained authorization from their attending physician.

In the other cases, there is absolutely no reason which can prohibit the taking of this food supplement which is as effective as natural.

✅ ​Where can we buy this food supplement ?

This product can only be purchased through the official website of the company that manufactures it. Thus, any risk of counterfeiting is definitively eliminated. In addition, this is a great way to learn and be fully informed about everything related, directly or indirectly, to this product.

As for the delivery stage, that of this product has unrivaled reliability and is done in the greatest discretion. Free and fast, the latter has no faults. Indeed, it is possible to have the product delivered to the four corners of the world.

In addition, the site offers consumers a 100-day guarantee, while leaving them the possibility of being reimbursed in the event that they are not satisfied.

Thus, despite the various very positive testimonials from consumers towards this product, this refundable guarantee is included in order to offer you total confidence and give you some transparency.

✅ ​What is the price of Testogen ?

First of all, Testogen is only sold through the official site. The price is € 49.99 per bottle of 120 capsules (i.e. 1 month of treatment).
For 2 bottles purchased, 1 will be offered to you and for 3 bottles purchased, 2 will be offered to you as well as an Ebook. Please note that at this time you will also receive 5 "Training and nutrition guides" free of charge instead of € 22.

Testogen offers promotional codes fairly regularly via its official website, do not hesitate to check if a banner offers a promotional code.